The senior consultant and managers of senior consultants have developed their professional skills by working with public and private companies.

For advanced healthcare and telecommunications applications in Colombia, at the "Erasmus Meoz" University Hospital Barrio Guaimaral.
Department of Medical Imaging and Radiology and Cardiology interventional electrophysiology ASL NA1, complex diagnostic unit of Valencia for interventional radiology - Italy.
Associated partners, as specialized congresses in radiology, c / o World Academy of Biomedical Technologies - Healthcare, UNESCO;
The Russian Academy of Sciences (SAR)
Has gained experience in the NGO sector as a responsible organization with the mission of finding funding, the geographical area of Africa -Uganda (NGO Mulagi-Mission -Jcare).

Private consultancy:

Panorama International media communication corporation - Sydney Australia.
Leuci SpA - Lecco Italy -.
Eleber - Vicenza Italy -
Acea Electrabel SpA (Power and gas department) - Rome Italy.
Gascom spa - Padova Italy
Bellariva Holding - London Unity Kindom.
Kokusai ItalSol Holding - Tokyo Japan.
Geosol - Berlino Germany.
Fluitecnik S.A. - Pamplona Spain.
Rios Renovables Group - Madrid Spain
Consultant, Director of energy for companies in Romania and Morocco..
Consultant for Valorizzazioni Culturali srl in Padova, for the development of income properties.
maintenance service

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